4 Pinterest inspired outfits.

How many times have you opened your closet and said “I have nothing to wear” while staring at the tons of clothes you already have? You are not the only one. We then decide is time to buy more things because we don’t have enough but we do, we just lack inspiration to make the best out of our clothes. I recently organized my closet and saw many things that I wasn’t using as much as I could and decided to look for inspiration on Pinterest. I used the key words: summer styles 2018 and these are the outfits it inspired.

1.Dresses with sneakers




One of the things I saw over and over again were dresses styled with sneakers. I love this combination because it is so comfortable and  helps me feel put together without wearing too many pieces in the hot summer weather.

2.Casual romper outfit




Some of the pins inspired me to wear this romper more casually since I usually use it to go out at night. By using a pair of sneakers and changing up the accessories, you can dress most of your rompers up or down. Especially one with this faux wrap silhouette.

3. Summer dress



This was a dress that I almost gave to charity during my closet cleaning but decided against it and I’m glad I did. It has embroidered detail that is very trendy lately and is very comfortable. I decided to wear it with cream color sandals for a classic summer look.

4.Jeans and a girly top




Jeans are the best item in a closet. They are versatile and if treated well they last for years and years. I saw it paired with a short sleeve shirt and I suddenly though about this white t-shirt with the bow detail. I styled it with espadrilles as I saw on Pinterest since I already had them but if you don’t own a pair, you can put snickers or a pair of boho inspired sandals and it will give a similar vibe.


For these 4 looks I layered some necklaces which is trendy right now and is something I have always enjoyed doing with my jewelry.

And there you have it, 4 casual looks for summer that I put together with things that were already in my closet. I didn’t make a wishlist and I didn’t have to buy similar things online to feel like I had new clothes. Pinterest as well as other social media platforms can inspire us without encouraging us to buy more things.  I hope this inspires you to do the same with your wardrobe, whatever your style might be.


What money can’t buy: Style.

I recently stumbled upon this quote:

“Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude.”

                                                                                                                        -Joanna Mastroianni

Sometimes fashion is associated with frivolity. It is a symbol of status; one more way to demonstrate what you can possess. I found this quote interesting because it reminds us that it is not enough to possess the latest from the fashion world to have style. The quote hints at the fact that you can’t really buy style, and she’s right. Think about people with a strong presence, those that we can’t stop looking and listening to because of their overpowering presence. Now, think of what they are wearing, and you’ll notice that they usually have style.  It isn’t that you can’t have confidence if you don’t have a style; they are not mutually exclusive. But people with style are confident and they exude that confidence because of how the way they look expresses the part they want to share with the world.  Style doesn’t mean following all the trends, if you are a trend follower, your sense of style is probably at the beginning of its journey.

It’s not that following trends is wrong, but when you have a sense of style even the trendy items look different on you because of the combinations you come up with. A style doesn’t have to be liked by everybody else, but it will be remembered. A sense of style grows with you, much like yourself and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. It is not worn for others, it is really worn for yourself.

When I read this quote, it hit me how much I have learned about my style. How much I have learned about myself. But it wasn’t always like that. Before, I didn’t know what my style was although I was always drawn to fashion and remember watching marathons of “what not to wear”. Sometimes disagreeing with their choices for the people they were styling, but mostly learning about patterns and color combinations. Yet when it came to my fashion choices, I was always doubting the things I wanted to do with my clothes. This is not to say that I am an expert now or that I can tell everyone what will look good on them, but I know my likes and dislikes and how to wear what I have in a way that makes me feel comfortable. I don’t always choose well, those days I think about what didn’t work for me and try to make that piece of clothing work with something else.

Having style, it’s not about buying lots of clothes or being the most fashionable human on the planet. It also doesn’t mean that you need to spend a lot of money on the items that you wear; it is a way to express yourself and feel happy and comfortable in our own skin. Sometimes our style can be very bold and might not be compatible with our career choices or the place where we live. But the reality is that style is not an outfit, it’s more than that. When we chose an outfit for our everyday use, we can show a style in ways that aren’t necessarily bold, it can be subtle and still show our individuality. Knowing what you like is only half the battle, you must know how to style it into a cohesive outfit that will not overpower you and will show who you are. And since who you are, who you were and who you will become are three different people, finding your style will be an ever changing experience but in my opinion, it is a journey worth taking.


DIY: How to make coasters out of jewelry boxes

imagen 1

Sometimes  jewelry comes in really cute boxes that often end up in the trash because it isn’t practical to keep every piece of jewelry in the package it came in. I needed some drink coasters for my workspace and decided that this was a good opportunity to use some of the boxes I was going to discard to do them instead of buying them.

What you’ll need:


  • cork sheet (you can use clear adhesive bumpers instead
  •  Xacto Knife
  • scissors
  • paper jewelry boxes
  • hot glue gun


  1. I estimated what size I wanted my coaster and then traced a square to know where I was cutting. I then proceeded to cut the piece I was going to use. I emphasized on it being a paper box because this one shown above was made from plastic and it was difficult to cut through. I ended up breaking one of the sides and using the back of the box to do the coaster.


2. With this one I used nail polish after cutting it to hide the name of the jewelery line and then I covered both of the coasters with contact paper to protect them from moisture.


3. I then used a hot glue gun to attach the coaster to the piece of cork sheet.

4. Using a ribbon that was taken from a weird piece of clothing I found in my house, I covered the edges to hide imperfections.


Here is the final product:

imagen 1


Bonus Project: storage box


  1. Box
  2. Acrylic paint
  3. Small painting brush
  4. Clear plastic container
  5. Rust-oleum mirror effect(optional)

After finishing the coasters I realized that there was a lot of material left from one of the boxes and decided to make some division inside so that it would end up being more functional.

  1. I cut part of the insert that came with the box glued them into the inside of the box.
  1. Once the glue dried, I removed the glue excess and painted the inside of the box gold.
  1. I used a cutout from a thin plastic container that was going into recycle and I painted it with mirror effect from Rust-oleum(T) and I then attached it to the cover of the box.


  1. To hide any imperfections in the top of the box I used what was left of the insert and framed the “mirror” with it.

imagen 1

And..That’s it! From 2 things that were going to end up in the trash I did three things that I currently needed. This was an inexpensive  project since I used things that were already in my apartment. There are many things we can create out of things we are currently tossing. This can safe you money and reduce the waste that you are creating.

New Year, less waste.

As a Puerto Rican, last year was a hectic one, to say the least. The world got to know more of us due to our dire financial state and the infamous Hurricane Maria that came and left destruction in its way. I lived through it and I can say how shocking it was to see the devastation once the hurricane was gone and it was safe to leave our homes. This New Year’s celebration was an important one because we understood now more than ever how fragile life is and how lucky we were to be together as a family to welcome another year.

One of the many challenges we face today is the growing waste in the island. Before the hurricane there was talk about the fact that we didn’t have many landfills left to toss our waste and with the hurricane situation got worse. So, I decided to integrate some lifestyle changes in the new year that can help with reducing my environmental impact and hopefully inspire others to do so.

When researching my options to be live with less waste, I came upon some extreme lifestyles such as the minimalist movement or the waste free lifestyle. Although I believe there are many valuable things that I can learn from each of them, they can be difficult to follow, so I decided first to start with the basics:


I’ve been recycling plastic and carboard for a while now but recently I have seen other recycling options appear through the island. The first, PR recycling has placed containers in various parts of the island in which you can deposit clothes, shoes and other materials for recycling. For more information of the places you can find these containers: http://www.prtextilerecycling.com/index.html. They donate part of the proceeds to Para la Naturaleza, an organization that works on preserving our ecosystems, so it’s a win- win!

I also stumbled upon the Best Buys recycling program. They accept most electronics for recycling free of charge. Before getting to the store with all your old electronic you can call the store to look for more information about what they receive and what they don’t.  This is by no means a new program, but it is worth mentioning as sometimes we don’t get exposed to the information that’s out there and can help us with decluttering our homes while being responsible with our planet.

  1. Reusing

Reusing is a concept we sometimes forget that exists. There are tons of ways we can reuse and repurpose some things that would end up in the trash. Soon I would be posting some ways in which I repurpose things in the DIY section.

  1. Reducing

Its not just about buying less, but of using less. Is about not letting the water running all while doing dishes or taking a shower. You are also reducing when you turn off the lights when you leave a room or are disconnecting things you are no longer using. These practices lower our environmental impact because it decreases the quantity of resources we are wasting.

Although most of these things seem obvious and have been told time and again, it is important for us to follow it, not just know they exist. Even those of you who don’t live in Puerto Rico can do more for your countries by producing less waste. This is not a local problem, it’s a global one.  This New Year we have the opportunity of changing how we normally do things and becoming better versions of ourselves. So let’s do more and waste less!

4 DIY rules that will save you time and money:

I love DIYs and spend some of my free time looking at videos or blogs that shows how to make different things. Yet I’ve notice that there are tons of DIY out there that, although easy to do they are not really things that last a long time or have functionality. That said, they can be fun to do so if you enjoy doing them, go for it. However, I am trying my best to DIY things that I would use or that I need. So I came up with a list of rules for myself so that I don’t spend my time and money doing things that won’t really work.

  1. Just because its cheap or free doesn’t mean you should DIY it.

There are a lot of ideas out there or things that we come up with ourselves that seem like a solid plan at first because of how cheap they are but they wind up looking as cheap as it was making them. Sometimes they also take a lot of time to do and although I don’t believe time is money I do think is precious. So before doing something think of how long it might take and the chances that it will not end up looking cheap because odds are if you don’t like it will end up in the trash.

  1. Don’t try to DIY everything in your house.

Buying things is not a sin. There are things in this world that are not meant to be toyed with. If you are not confident dealing with electrical equipment, then don’t try to make a lamp from scratch because it can be dangerous. Sometimes I see lamps made from plastics that are not meant for that purpose or pieces of cloth that aren’t rated for that kind of exposure to the heat that the light emits. When I try a new project, I think about the skills needed to complete the job. Sometimes we don’t know how to do something but can learn how to from internet tutorials or classes yet is important not to underestimate the skill set of the project. Safety first!

  1. Will I use this?

Recently I started decluttering my place of work because it is a mess and I find myself questioning this over and over. If the DIY I think of doing is just going to clutter my space again I don’t do it. It will end up tossed in a corner of my room for me to clean it every week.

  1. Is it cleanable?

I use this one for shopping as well as DIY. Sometimes I see things that are beautiful but when you see the care instructions they are either expensive to maintain or not washable. This happens with garments that need to be dry cleaned or even table cloths that can’t be clean with water. Odds are they are going to get dirty and you’ll end up trashing them because you can’t take stains out or they are hard to maintain. Some DIY ideas are the same. So when buying or DIYing think about how the piece is going to be maintained.


Gift wrapping ideas with less environmental impact.

Here are some tips to reduce waste in this Holiday season that can also help you save some money.

1. Instead of gift wrapping like this:

file8511241836614                                                                                Photo by <cohdra> at Morguefile.com

Gift wrap like this:

file0001911026061.jpg                                                                                    Photo by <anon> at Morguefile.com

That way the box can be used again next year for a different gift. You can even add a bow and change the color next year to make it look different.

2. Don’t gift wrap, use a bag:

e22eb6cc244cec8caeae2643aa6622d6.jpg                                                                                     Photo by <aprice> at Morguefile.com

You can use the bag over and over again and they are really inexpensive. Unlike cheap gift wrap paper that breaks super easily making you gift wrapping experience a living hell, boxes can be found for a low price and be far better quality. I usually don’t use the tissue paper either since I use colorful, holiday themed bags that really don’t need much more decoration.

3. If you can’t reuse the gift wrap try to give something reusable, like a wrap that also works as a storage for the gift

Obviously, the first two examples work for people that you really know like you mother or a sibling, maybe even your best friend.  However, it can be the beginning of a really awkward conversation if you ask every person for the gift wrap back. Instead, it might be better to opt for a cloth bag. For instance, if you give a purse, you can wrap it inside a cloth bag that can also serve as storage for the bag. There are cute options available in stores or you can make it yourself if you have the skill set to manage it.

4. Skip gift wrapping

Some people don’t really care if you giftwrap the gift. If you are lucky enough to have one of those people in your life skip the fancy wrapping, the environment will thank you as will your pocket.

5. Skip the card:

So, a card can actually be a gift and some people really appreciate it and keep it for a long time. That said, if you know the person is not a card person then skip the card, let the gift speak for itself.

6. Buy people something they will actually use:

Sometimes we buy a gift just to give something without having any idea if that person will have any use for it. For instance, If a person doesn’t like to cook, don’t give them a cookbook. If a person doesn’t like musicals, don’t buy them Barbra’s Streisand greatest hit Collection. I could keep giving very specific examples, but I think you got the idea.  If the person doesn’t have use for the gift, it will remain in storage for a while and eventually end up in a landfill. Sometimes is better to ask the person what they need or want or just give them something more genetic, like something edible you know they will enjoy (Please ask if there allergic to something first).

Overall, the reality is that this is not the season for giving, it is the season for sharing. We come together with family and friends to rejoice at our accomplishments and talk about our failures (Yes, that dreaded conversation will always happen). It is the part of the year that helps us reenergize and realize that we are not figuring stuff out alone.  Looking back, you will probably not remember all the gifts that were given to you, but you will definitely remember the gatherings. Happy Holidays!