5 helpful tips for decluttering

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about decluttering, mostly because we were all stuck in our houses and couldn’t escape the chaos of our disorganization. I was one of those that had to tackle the monster my clutter had become and found the process of organizing oddly rewarding. Here are some things I’ve been learning along the way:

1.Take it by sections

Don’t try to solve the mess in a day, odds are it took a long time to get messy so don’t think you will magically solve it in a day. Something that has helped me is grouping items by sections, that way you can tackle the project by phases instead of having it all laid out. Laying everything out can make I go by faster but it will probably overwhelm you and you will either declutter more than you should or just abandon the project altogether because it was too much to handle.

2. Pick what bothers you first

What mess is affecting your producibility more? Tackle that first. In my case, my living room was the messiest, and every time I sat there or even walked past it I felt my stress levels increase dramatically. Once I dealt with that I felt motivated to continue decluttering the mess that I had in other areas.

3. Lead by example

Sometimes you want people around you to get their act together. You have more chance to inspire them to declutter if they see you do it.

4. Don’t think you have to have everything figured out from you first section

Sometimes we believe that decluttering is a one-time thing. It isn’t. As your life changes, your needs changes and so, things that you needed are not necessary anymore. You will also notice if the way you organized things when you decluttered is working for you or if you need a new organization system.

5. Stop with the negative self-talk 

You are not messy, you have a mess. When we stop associating. a behavior with a personality trait, it helps to change the behavior. If you say you are messy, then you will feel that there is no point to declutter because since its part of your personality, the situation will never change. Work with the patterns in your brain, keep the positive talk and work through the situation.

Hope this helps you in your journey of decluttering.



Happy Mother’s Day

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

There are a few things in this world that are as universal as a mother’s love. Whatever language you speak and regardless of the social norms or expectations in your society, odds are you know what a mother is. Mother’s day can be a bittersweet holiday. A day of joy for the ones who are moms, a day of sadness for those who have lost their moms or a reminder of the difficulties in mother-child relationships. One thing is certain, almost no-one who celebrates this holiday is indifferent to it.

For me, Mother’s Day is one of the most interesting holidays. For one, is one of rare days in which females are valued in society. There is something magical with fertility and motherhood. How nature decided to give us wombs to grow another being. It comes with enormous responsibility and pain, but also with joy and unconditional love. I know that motherhood is so much more than that, mothers come in all shapes and sizes and not all of them have given birth.

There are mothers who never learn to be “good mothers”, whatever that means. It isn’t easy being one since no child comes with a manual and no one has the secret of motherhood figured out. Yet, with all the complexities that come with the conversation of what motherhood entails there is a simple fact, when you think about a mother you know what it means and odds are a picture of your own mother comes to mind. Happy mothers day to all the moms out there, we truly appreciate all the sacrifices you make for us.



5 spring/summer outfit ideas using thrifted items.

Spring break is over, but the season is just starting (at least that is what I tell myself). I wanted to continue feeling the spring positivity, so I though Ill create some spring/summer outfits. I wanted to challenge myself to use only thrifted pieces as inspo. Heres what I came up with: 

  1. Long dress and sandals.

I love this dress, even if I haven’t been able to wear it yet. It is a Sam Edelman dress that I believe it is inspired by a Zimmerman dress from a couple of seasons ago. It is really pretty and light. Even though is not from the new spring collection, this type of dress doesn’t usually go out of style, at least in my opinion. The sandals are basically brand new and really comfortable. I saw them at regular price but didn’t get it and when I saw them second hand at a really good price I decided it was meant to be. I like they are open at the back and add a beautiful, subtle pop of color to outfits.

Dress originally from Sam Edelman and Dolce Vita sandals.

2. Body with shorts and sandals.

Both the top and the Bottom are basic pieces that I can wear basically all year where I live. I added the pink sandals to give it color and to resonate more with spring vibes.

Top and shorts originally from Gap and Dolce Vita Sandals.

3. Body with shorts and Everlane flats.

When I first saw those flats I was shocked to see they were brand new. They have the most beautiful blue color and are very versatile. I paired it with this floral shorts that look like its a skirt. I love it because its playful and has somewhat of an ’80s vibe with the front bow without being too much.

Top originally from Gap and short from unknown brand. Shoes originally from Everlane.

4. Floral top with jeans and chunky heel sandals.

These are the cutest sandals I have seen in a while. They have a very comfy chunky heel. The top is really feminine and goes really well with the details in the pants as well as with the sandals.

Top originally from Forever 21 and bottoms from Kensie. Shoes originally from Gloria Ortiz.

5. Vintage dress with sneakers.

The only thing Ive shown here that isn’t thrifted are those converse. Another way to be conscious of what we buy is to take care of the items we buy and go for classic styles that don’t tend to go out of style. The vintage dress is really comfy and was made with good materials.

Vintage Dress and Converse.

Hope this post inspires you to play with things you have in your closet. Clothing items are a necessity but they can also bring joy into our lives. Dress the way you love and in the budget you can afford and it will make all the difference.



What to read: The subtle art of not giving a F*ck by Mark Manson.

A while back, I posted about a couple of books I planned to read in January. I was feeling a little guilty because I wasn’t able to read them in time to post. Truth is, the last couple of months have been hectic so adding another thing as a responsibility seemed a little silly. There was literally nothing wrong with not being able to meet that self-imposed deadline, yet, I struggled for a while with that frustration. I often fall victim to this, filling calendars with thing I can’t do in the period of time I set out to do it. I forget I need to rest; that not everything in life needs to be a project.

Being kind to ourselves in our journey and slowing down when we need to is a must if we want to create healthy boundaries and be happier, which is something I have been working on recently. That brings me to the book that I wanted to talk about today. The subtle art of not giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. I read it a couple of months ago and loved it. I’m not a fan of most self-help books but this one was amazing. His humor, the real-life examples as well as the lowkey shade he throws over the whole self-help industry makes it a better fit for me than most self-help books. In the book, he talks about how life is not about living it carefree, it’s really about choosing carefully what we care about and what we dedicate our energy to. He also talks about the concept of achievement: how what makes one person happy might not necessarily make another one happy and that we could be accomplished in the eyes of others and be miserable.

One of my favorite things about this book is that it was published in 2016 and is still relevant, a testament to how well made it is when compared to many other self-help books. The author has since published another book (which I haven’t read) and also has a YT channel (who doesn’t at this point?). In his channel, he posted a summary of the book if you want to learn a bit more about it before deciding if you want to purchase it. As for my current reading, I will continue to make progress at a slower pace, yet I’m focusing on things that will help me achieve my current goals.

What do you think, are you a fan of self-help books? If so, what is your favorite?


Mark Manson’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0TnW9acNxqeojxXDMbohcA

Book Link(not sponsored or Affiliated):https://www.amazon.com/Subtle-Art-Not-Giving-Counterintuitive/dp/0062457721/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1617632264&sr=8-1


DIY: Up-cycled picture frame to mirror.

A couple of days ago I noticed one of my picture frames was broken. I was about to throw it out when I had an up-cycle idea. I kept the frame for the DIY and discarded the rest. Heres what I came up with.

What I used:

  • Hot glue
  • Super glue
  • Fake flowers
  • Gold spray paint
  • frame
  • Tile mirror

1.Paint the flowers with the Gold Spray Paint

2.Use the glue for attaching the frame pieces to the mirror

3.Use hot glue to attach the flowers to the frame

This DIY was simple to achieve and I love the results. It is perfect for a vanity or a side table. I placed it on a base because the added weight of the frame made it too heavy to hang with the tape that it came with. Hope this post inspires you to up-cycle items you already own.



What self-care really means.

Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com

Self-care has been a popular topic for a while now. Some people can’t get enough of it, while others see it only as a marketing gimmick. I believe that self-care is important; the problem is that we often interpret self-love as self-indulgence. We forget that our body wants and needs aren’t always aligned. So, we make the mistake of filling our wants solely with material objects or overspending on services.

However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t make time for activities that make us feel beautiful. On my self-care Sundays, I take the time to paint my nails and take care of my skin and hair. Yet, it’s also the day I take the time to organize and clean the house. Whenever my space is organized and clean, my mood improves. Whenever I take care to paint my nails, I feel pampered and loved. Both things can coexist. It’s easy to see shores as a pain; putting music or a podcast can make it an enjoyable activity.

Yet, the practice doesn’t stop there. I practice self-care every day of my life. I take a minute when I wake up to acknowledge the fact that I’m alive, regardless of how busy my day is. I eat at the times my body needs and I’m slowly making my meals healthier. I drink tea at night while I make my plans for the next day and read something inspiring before I fall asleep. In short, I believe that self-care is not an object we can buy or a place that we need to get to… it is a lifestyle.

I Hope that no matter what your journey brings, you find ways to take care of yourself.



Spring trends 2021 sustainably

Spring is almost here and with it a list of new trends to follow. If you read one of my first posts, you’ll know I’m not a big fan of buying trends or following them blindly. I believe that finding your style should be the goal and trends can help if done wisely. Trends can help by taking you outside your comfort zone or by showing you ways to style the clothing you already have differently. Today I want to talk about 4 ways you can achieve that:

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com
  • Shop your wardrobe
    I have talked about this one before, look at what is trending and use your wardrobe to recreate looks. See what you like and what you don’t like. What makes you feel comfortable and what doesn’t. What works for you and what doesn’t. This can also be used to see what things are no longer working in your wardrobe so you can pass them on.
Girlfriend Collective pants found on Thredup website
  • Thrifting
    There are so many secondhand options right now online stores and in brick-and-mortar stores. It helps keep clothing out of landfills and you can save money in the process. Ever since the fashion industry began having many seasons (fast fashion) it cycles so rapidly you can find pieces that are in great condition and have almost the same style as those that are trendy at the moment. I have also found great items like Girlfriend collective working out pants.
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com
  • Renting
    I haven’t done it myself, but there are companies out there renting clothing items. If you like to try something new without the commitment of keeping it in your wardrobe it can be a great option. Some are very well known as Rent the runway, but you can check out if there are local stores doing the same thing and that way help your local economy.
Crop Top made from a dress.
  • Upcycling
    If you have the set of skills or know of someone who has them, think about changing things on clothing you already own or things you can thrift.

I’m excited for the next chapters in the fashion industry. It seems we are moving towards using clothes as a way of showing individuality rather than just following trends. That has implications in many parts of society as well as (hopefully) result in a more sustainable mindset. Hope this post inspires you to think outside the box and try new things.



What to Watch on Netflix: Headspace Guide to meditation.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I recently started practicing meditation. It was about the same time Netflix added Guide to meditation from Headspace. I knew meditation was encouraged in people suffering from anxiety but had no clue of all the benefits it had for everyone. I was too caught up in the narrative to really understand what it was about and how it could shape my life in ways I didn’t though were possible. In the short time I have practice meditation it has dramatically increased my focus, my calmness and my awareness. I am better able to predict my moods and listen to my body and its needs. The pandemic changed many of our routines and I found it really hard to get back in tune with my goals and my needs. Meditating helped me get back in track. 

Headspace Guide to meditation is a great way to start. The beautiful visuals as well as the stories the narrator uses to introduce the different meditation techniques helps ground the viewer in the practice. After I finished the series, I downloaded the app. The app isn’t free, but it does include some basic meditation techniques at no cost to get you started. They also have a YouTube channel that has some interesting content and mini meditations. I really encourage everyone to get into a meditation practice. It takes time to see the results and it is something you need to continue doing in order to see the long-term effects. It is not magic; it is training for your brain. 



Allow yourself to grow

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

We are always in pursuit of something. Whether is wealth, health, popularity or knowledge, allowing inner growth will give the journey purpose and depth. It will also encourage kindness in our daily interactions.

When we allow ourselves to grow, we understand that there is no perfection. We understand that we will fail sometimes and that’s why persistence is so important. A person that allows him/herself to grow knows that he/she can do better than he/she was yesterday. And as the beloved Maya Angelou use to say: When you know better you do better. 

When we allow ourselves to grow, we come to understand that growth is nonlinear. That we will make mistakes. That we should strive to become better humans, but we will always have our shortcomings. 

As I allow myself to grow, I find my confidence growing with me. I have found that the best kind of encouragement comes from within. I’m not saying that we should do things alone, but if we don’t believe in ourselves, we are not going to get anywhere as doubts will undoubtedly hold us back. 

Something that has helped me with confidence is understanding my strength and weaknesses. I find that understanding my flaws has been liberating and knowing my strengths has made me realize how lucky I am to be able to grow as a human and use my strengths to navigate my weaknesses in order to reach my goals. 

Many people confuse self-confidence with snobbery. But nothing can be further from the truth. A confident person understands his/her weaknesses and strengths; arrogancy is deeply rooted in self-doubt.

As we allow ourselves to grow, we also allow the journey to take us places we never thought we would visit. We understand that there is so much out of our control that sometimes the only way to move forward is to embrace the journey. Wherever life takes you, I hope that you never stop growing. 



4 DIY reuse ideas for storage and organization

My favorite DIYs are those in which I get to use materials that I already have in creative ways. They don’t have to be complicated, they have to be functional and visually appealing for me. Sometimes ideas come out of nowhere and other times they come a problem that needs solving. Here are 4 ideas that might inspire you to reuse:

  1. Pencil holder

This one is probably one of my favorite DIYs to date. I made it to look like a pineapple, but you can do it in whatever shape you want. The materials that I used were: 2 used candle vases, carboard, hot glue and wrapping paper. 

2. Push pin

This is the easiest example of reusing on the list. For a while now I have seen many cute pushpin designs that can get really pricey for what they are.  I used an unpaired earring as a pushpin, and I feel it creates the same sort of vibe of some of the store-bought versions without the price tag. 


Study and working from home can sometime mean that you need to move around the house to change the scenery. I took a shoe box and used wrapping paper to make it prettier. It now functions as a drawer so I can keep everything organized in my makeshift desktops.  

4.Sock Storage

I hate how socks get stretched out if you create a knot between them or store one inside the other but if you don’t keep them together you lose them. That is why I decided to use paper rolls to keep them in. That way they are together but don’t get damaged. 

Hope this inspires you to use what you already have different ways. 



5 Youtubers for the sustainable journey

Whenever I decide to try something new, I like to look for information on the topic. YouTube is a good starting point because it is a free resource and has a variety of points of views that can help you decide which approach you prefer. While trying to figure out my sustainable journey I have seen many YouTube channels. These are some of my current favorites: 

1.The suitcase designer 

I recently discovered her while scrolling through YouTube. Her channel is mainly centered on cleaning and organization as ways of making your home feel better affordably. She emphasizes on using what you have and organizing your home as a way to design rather than buying a lot of new stuff. She is based on Korea so as an added bonus, you get to see a glimpse of the life in Korea. 

Link to YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2I0Hq1_xXuX_B5aVepedxg

2.Taylor Made Style

If you are planning on starting to thrift, she is a good youtuber to watch. She loves thrifting and is really good at styling what she buys.  

Link to YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYMK0CXUty5TY81C7gadzFg

3.Alyssa Beltempo

One of my favorite sustainable style youtubers, she focuses on how to style the clothing you already own. I love her personality and she really motivates you to look at what you have differently. 

Link to YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU8ssMY0rZQtCgWVwQNpmUA


She is a sustainable lifestyle youtuber that teaches what she calls “eco minimalism”. This is the place to find sustainable swabs as well as ideas on how to live more sustainably. 

Link to YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv2LNRhF34_v1VNC08ZuooA

5.A recycled life

These two women love to shop second hand and vintage. They also own an online store in which you can buy secondhand items they scored on the thrifting trips. 

Link to YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheRecycledLife/channels

Link to website: https://www.the-recycled-life.com

If you are not really into YouTube videos, you can also find them on other social media platforms. Go check them out!



What to watch: “Brené Brown: The call to courage”

I was on my lunch break the other day after a bad experience that made me doubt everything I was doing. Scrolling through Netflix I saw they had uploaded a new talk called: ” Brenè Brown: The call to courage”. Even though I didn’t know anything about the speaker, I felt it was just what I needed and gave it a chance. Her talk evolves around how being vulnerable requires courage.  I had been working on that myself. I am not a person who likes to be vulnerable, to let people see their struggles or who thrives playing the victim. I see a problem and I solve it, preferably on my own. Yet I have learned that not every problem has a solution on your own. You have to rely on others on occasion. So, I started to be more communicative with others and step out of my comfort zone. It has had its rewards, but it has also come with its disappointments and setbacks. 

Being vulnerable requires courage because it involves facing what other people think of you. It involves thinking what other people’s reaction might be and doing it anyway. It also means accepting your wrongs and bettering yourself, not only on how you treat yourself but how you treat others. The changes I am making are sometimes scary, but they are also very important for me to grow as a human being. This blog is part of that attempt. She reminded me of the fact that just because you are brave doesn’t not mean you are not going to be hurt. You just have to keep going. 



DIY Storage ideas that are easy and affordable.

Last year, I was looking for new ways to store some of my items more efficiently. Two things were important for me: I didn’t want to spend a lot, and I wanted to use things that I already had. I came with the following solutions.

1.Cardboard boxes

This box is bigger than it looks and solved the problem of how to find the perfect size for the space I had. I used some wrapping paper I had left from other crafts to cover it and an old t-shirt as an insert. The insert serves as a way to protect the items I stored as well as to increase the longevity of the box.

2. Shoe boxes

I have seen so many places that sell glorified shoe boxes for storage. I decided to reuse old actual shoe boxes wrapping them in pretty paper. It did the job and I spend very little on them. Is it obvious I like metallics? 

3.Cracker Tins

I have 3 versions. These were the ones that took more time to do but they all look so different. Two of them are plastic and one of them is a tin box. I wanted to experiment with different techniques based on where I wanted to use them.

You can do so many things with things that are already in your house. I hope this inspires you to think differently about things that you might have laying around or that you are ready to toss and can actually be use to solve a problem in your home. 



How to make your shoes last longer?

I love shoes. I love all of them (with the exception of the unfortunate flip flops) yet, lately I find that shoes don’t last as long as they use to. Sometimes, they only last a couple of months! Truth is, clothing is not the only thing that has decreased in quality and that we are constantly throwing away. This doesn’t only post a problem for the environment, it also means we are wasting money on things that are not worth it. Here are some tips that can help get shoes that last longer:

  1. Buy shoes that are made completely out of leather:
Photo by Kevin Menajang on Pexels.com

Many shoes that are made from leather on the outside, are actually lined with PU leather (faux leather). This makes them last less because the insole starts disintegrating. The thing is, it doesn’t only happen in affordable shoes, there are shoes that are well over 100 dollars and are made the same way. When buying shoes, check the insole, it usually has an engraving that says the type of materials from which each part is made. It is not always present so Im trying to steer away from buying those that don’t have it or the ones that are lined with PU leather. Buying a shoe that is made out of leather on the inside and outside cab be more expensive so wait for the sales in order to get a better deal.

Inside of one of the shoes I own describing that both the upper and insole are leather,
Inside of one of the shoes I own indicating the upper is leather but the lining is PU leather(faux leather).

2. Buy shoes made out of textile: 

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com
These are shoes made out of cotton from the Toms brand(not sponsored). The inside of this shoe has leather parts but there are similar styles from other brands that have everything made out of natural fabrics.

If you are against using animal products, you can buy shoes made out of textile. Be mindful that it doesn’t have PU on the inside. They can often be more budget friendly than leather shoes.

3.Plastic shoes:

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com
Shoes made from plastic. These are from the brand Melissa(not sponsored),

Most shoes contain plastic. PU leather is essentially plastic as well as many of the textiles that are used in making shoes. Those types of plastic disintegrate and break easily most of the time. However, there are shoes that are made out of plastic that can be a durable and more sustainable. A brand like Melissa (not sponsored) makes a variety of shoes that last a long time. They have cute styles and, although they can be a little pricey, they do have sales. Melissa shoes are recyclable. 

4. Buy better made shoes:

It might not come as a surprise that in order to get better made shoes you might need to spend more. The important thing to remember is that many expensive brands make poorly made shoes, make sure that the shoes you are buying are more expensive for their craftsmanship and not because you are buying from a trendy line. Look to invest in sustainably made shoes, if your budget permits it, this will also lessen your environmental footprint. Remember, you can make better choices no matter where you are in your life. It doesn’t have to be perfect and they don’t have to be fast, just better.



How to follow 2021 fashion trends sustainably

At the beginning of every season we are introduced to the latest fashion trends. Some of them make it for months or even years but others last just a few weeks. Still, many want to implement some of the trends they are seeing into their wardrobes. If you want to do it in a way that is sustainable or in an affordable way, here are some tips:

1. Search online

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

Search online for the latest fashion trends: Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. are some of the places you can find articles and photos that break down the fashion trends.

2. Make a List

Photo by Lum3n on Pexels.com

List the trends that you saw and feel that you might want to try. In my case I wrote down:


*floaty maxi dresses

*sheer tops

*wide legged pants

* sequins

3. Check your wardrobe to find pieces that help you achieve the look you are looking for

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

This will be the hardest part because it will require you to think outside the box. Some will be easier to recreate than others but remember, the important thing is to look at what we have, not as something old, but something that can still be used and is still relevant. You might be surprise at how many trends you already have in the wardrobe. And it didn’t cost a penny to try.

My resulting pieces:

Sheer top with the bonus it was thrifted
Sequins in lounge wear

Im happy with my findings, and Im sure that if I keep looking I will find other pieces with elements that are trending. Give it a try!


Books I’m planning to read this month

Ready player Two:

It took me years to get around reading Ready Player One. It wasn’t because I wasn’t looking forward to it but, with everything going on in my life, it wasn’t a priority.  I want to finish this one as soon as possible because I don’t want to forget what I have read and have to reread the series from the start. I know there are mixed reviews with the first books, but I did like it. I think the first book depicts great character growth and finding hope in a world that seemed lost. I’m hoping that this one adds to that, although if I’m honest, it was one of those books that works well as a stand-alone. We’ll see what I think of It once I finish reading it. 

Astrophysics for people in a hurry:

This book was actually given to me by a friend who was decluttering his books. It is really short, but it isn’t easily read since the theme is harder to grasp than those of a YA novel. I didn’t want to go over it too fast because I wanted to enjoy it and understand as much as I possibly could. I started it a couple of months ago and haven’t gotten to finish it but so far, I LOVE IT. 

List for calm :

So, there you have it, my reading list for January. I feel relatively comfortable with this short list. I think it’s doable with everything else going on in my life and for me that is the real goal, finding a way to doing things I love without being overwhelmed. 

What does this month’s reading list look for you?

5 sustainably-minded Mother’s Day gift ideas

Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

Mothers Day is one of the most important holidays, in my opinion, because it celebrates one of the most influential and important person in our lives. When it comes to finding gifts, the best are those that show the person we are gifting it to that we are paying attention. They take into account the persons interest and likes as well as their lifestyle. Here are some sustainably- minded gifts for Mothers Day :

  1. For the creative spirit
    • Subscription to online classes to learn new skills or furthering the knowledge of a current hobby are a wonderful option for mothers who like creative endeavors. There are many platforms out there like Skill-share, Masterclass, and Domestika. Some of them offer yearly subscriptions or the option to buy a specific class.
  2. For the bookworm
    • Something that has been gaining popularity in recent years listening to their books instead of reading them. This is specially useful for those that are very busy since they can complete chores while listening to their books. Check if there are local options that might be available n if you want to support smaller brands with a similar concept. I have heard from a company called Libro.fm that partners with local libraries to provide the service that might be a good alternative for those looking to support a smaller business.
  3. For the Makeup lovers
    • There are sustainable makeup brands that re gaining popularity. Earthhero, a sustainable online store, has some options available that have good reviews. Always check for small local brands that are making sustainable products you can use before ordering internationally.
  4. Gift cards
    • I know that not everyone likes this one, but gift cards for a favorite place or tickets to an event are a great gift. I think that many people fear that it might get across as lazy and impersonal but I think that if its for a place or activity they love it shows you pay attention.
  5. DIY something
    • If you are good at crafting, you can make the gift yourself. This is also a good option if you have a smaller budget. I enjoy gifting jewelry that I make since I can personalized them and have more control on the quality of the pieces at a price I can afford.

Hope this post helps you find the perfect gift for your love one. The most important part of a Holiday is to connect with love ones, even when they are far away. Gifts can therefore be used as a love language, especially in moments like this when we can’t all celebrate together. Happy Mother’s day!


Links for websites mentioned*:

Electronic Subscriptions:




Audiobook platforms:





*I am not affiliated to any of the companies described above. This post is not sponsored.